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How to Communicate with your Publishers


Communicating effectively with your publishers is essential to running a good campaign.

The core of affiliate marketing is that publishers promote your products to generate traffic - the more prominent your product is on the publisher's website or app the more you're likely to sell. A publisher has limited space and resource, some of the key factors that will influence who they promote are:

  • Brands they know sell well.
  • Brands which offer high commissions.
  • Brands they know personally.

Building good relationships with publishers is essential, especially when you're starting out. The Optimise Communications tool helps you do that by keeping publishers up to date with your latest offers and voucher codes, communicating commission changes and inviting new publishers to your campaigns.

When to use our Communications Platform

  • Campaign Launch When you first launch your campaign it's important to get in front of as many advertisers as possible. You'll need to email prospective publishers when you first launch your campaign. The best way to do this is by using our Publisher Discovery page.

  • Changes to your campaign If you make any changes to your campaign, for example changing the rate or what's allowed, you'll need to let publishers know.

  • General update Maybe you want to promote your campaign more, remind publishers why they should be promoting it or tell them about a new product you've launched - this is the way to do it.


Getting the content right for your email is essential. Consider including:

  • Your rate.
  • What's special about your campaign.
  • Has it been successful in the past(on another network)? If so includes statistics.
  • You'll want to include your company logo so make sure it's up to date.

Some general tips on email content are below:

  • Make it clear why you are emailing early in the email.
  • Make it clear how they stand to benefit from reading your email and working with you, for example a higher commission or more sales.
  • Use bold and colour strategically.
  • Use tables to provide structure.
  • Make sure your spelling is correct - the built in spell check will help, it's based on the location settings on your browser.