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Validations and Conversion Enquiries (Worldwide)

Validations and Conversion Enquiries#

Each month we'll email you a validation file. This file will list all the conversions for the relevant validation period that need to be validated.

This file will be in a CSV format and needs to be completed and returned via email.

You will need to confirm that the details of each conversion match what is held on your own system.

Guidance on processing these files is below. Once complete email the file back to the person who emailed you.

  • Conversion Status – please use the following statuses, exactly as they appear below
    • Approved
    • Pending
    • Rejected
  • Conversion Value – only update this field if required for your campaign
    • Update or add in the transaction value as a number
  • Rejection Reason
    • Please supply the rejection reason as a code. Details of these can be found below:

Rejection Reason Codes#

Rejection CodeDescription
202Goods returned, transaction voided
204Another marketing channel was credited with the sale
205Order cancelled or returned
207Transaction not fully completed online
208Another marketing channel was credited with the sale due to a voucher/discount code
209Did not meet the terms and conditions set by the merchant
214Breach of IAB Voucher Code code of conduct
216No transaction recorded / cannot be traced
217No voucher or discount codes so commission not paid for these transactions
218Non qualifying discount code so commission only paid for qualifying discount codes
219Referrer not identified
220Account payment issues
221Referral link was expired
222Exceeded sales per referral limit
223Exceeded sales per year limit
224Suspicious activity
226Duplicate sale
227Test Sale