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Conversion Enquiries (Worldwide)


Conversion Enquiries refers to any missing sales or enquiries submitted to us by publishers.

Conversion Enquiries should be submitted on a monthly basis so that they can be included in the validation file sent to advertisers. You will be emailed every month with details of what format to send and the deadline to do so.

File format#

The terminology used on the file you submit has changed to reflect the language used on our Insights platform. A summary below explains the fields and new terminology. More information on language can be found in the glossary.

**Old Language**New Language
**Field Name**Definition**Required?
PIDCampaign ID - the ID for the Campaign this conversion relates toYes
AIDPublisher ID - the ID assigned to you by OptimiseYes
UIDThe UID for the conversionNo
OrderIDThe OrderID for the conversion. Previously known as TransactionIDYes
ConversionDateThe date the conversion took placeYes
AdvertiserNameThe name of the advertiser for this conversionYes
ConversionValueThe value of the conversionYes in South East Asia. No in India
CampaignNameThe name of the Campaign this conversion relates toNo
ConversionCurrencyThe currency used for the conversionYes
ExpectedCommissionValueThe commission you expect to receiveNo

Checking the status of Conversion Enquiries#

Check the status of an enquiry on the Enquiry View page. You can access this in your login via Conversions> Enquiry View.

Use the filters to find enquiries for the date range you're interested in and then view the status in the table. Where a conversion has been rejected by an advertiser you'll also see any notes the advertiser has made to explain the rejection.