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Using Optimise Data in Google Data Studio


This tool enables Optimise Conversion data to be displayed in Google Data Studio via a Data Connector.


This product is still in a Public Beta.

Getting Started

Launching The Connector

  1. Request access via your Account Manager
  2. Using the shared link open the Google Apps Script Project
  3. Click on the OPEN PROJECT button
  4. From the open project click Publish > Deploy from Manifest...
  5. Under Deployments expand PROD Version 21 and click on the link to Open Google Data Studio


For more information see

Configuring The Connector

On the configuration screen you will need to enter 3 pieces of information:

  1. API Key - create a Service Account as described here:
  2. MID - find this in your account or contact your Account Manager
  3. Agency ID - choose the correct value from here:
  4. Currency Code - choose the currency code you wish values to be converted to (E.g., USD or GBP)


Click CONNECT to get started.