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Conversion Enquiries



Conversion enquiries refers to any enquiries you get from your customers that you submit to us. We collate these enquiries, match them to a conversion and submit them to advertisers for a response.

Our process is designed to be as seamless as possible to ensure you and your customer get a resolution quickly. To this end it's important that you submit your conversion enquiries using our template view template.

The Process

  • Upload your template via File Explorer.
  • You'll receive a notification if there are any errors, see below for more information on this. Correct errors and upload new file to File Explorer.
  • Enquiries with no errors will continue through the process so they aren't held up by any errors.
  • We'll process the files and liaise with the advertiser to resolve the enquiries.
  • Check the status at any time using our new Enquiries report. You'll find it under Conversions> Manage on our Insights platform. Or use our API to check enquiry statuses without logging in. Optimise Network API


The Error File

As soon as your conversion enquiries are uploaded our system runs a range of validation checks on the data.

Those lines that pass continue to the internal Optimise process for dealing with enquiries and any that fail form an error file. You will be notified by email if there are any errors.

Primary Validation errors

Our validation first looks at the data you've uploaded and checks the following:

*Error Message*Additional Information
Entry data contains unauthorized or missing columnsEnsure that correct template is used
AID is invalidCheck AID matches that of primary Insights login
PID is invalidCheck PID is provided and is for a campaign publisher is live on
PID is for an Item Level productItem level campaigns set commissions against items within a basket and will be handled separately
MerchantAppID is invalidAdd MerchantAppID
UID is invalidAdd UID
TransactionDate is invalidEnter using dd/mm/yyyy format
AffiliateRef is invalidAdd AffiliateRef
TransactionValue is invalidMust be max 2 decimal places and have no currency symbol
ExpectedCommissionValue is invalidMust be max 2 decimal places and have no currency symbol

Campaign Validations

Some campaigns have specific validations that an advertiser requires. These error messages are explained below.

*Error Message*Additional Information
A name must be specified for enquiries on this campaign
A valid postal code must be specified for enquiries on this campaignPostcode requires min. 5 characters
A valid email address must be specified for enquiries on this campaignEnsure email address field is populated with valid addresses for each line
A valid, numeric transaction value must be specified for enquiries on this campaignEnsure transaction value is numeric without currency and to 2dp
MerchantAppID does not match the criteria for the Campaign. Value should be numericEnsure MerchantAppID value is numeric without currency and to 2dp
MerchantAppID does not match the criteria for the Campaign. Value should be alphanumericEnsure MerchantAppID value is alphanumeric
MerchantAppID does not match the criteria for the Campaign. Value should be alphaEnsure MerchantAppID value has no numbers
MerchantAppID does not match the criteria for the Campaign. Format should be ${productValidation.ReferenceValidation}Ensure MerchantAppID is in the specified format
MerchantAppID should contain minimum 3 charactersEnsure MerchantAppID contains at least three characters
MerchantAppID characters length should not exceed than ${productValidation.ReferenceValidationMaxLength} characters.Ensure MerchantAppID is not greater than the specified size
Transaction date should be older than ${productValidation.EnquiryMaxAge} month(s).Ensure TransactionDate is greater than the specified date

##API documentation

We've built our Conversion Enquiries process on API's. You can use our Conversion Enquiries API to pull the status of an enquiry and our File Explorer API to submit a file without logging into Insights.

We have full documentation on all our API's here

Other Markets (excluding UK)


Conversion Enquiries refers to any missing sales or enquiries submitted to us by publishers.

Conversion Enquiries should be submitted on a monthly basis so that they can be included in the validation file sent to advertisers. You will be emailed every month with details of what format to send and the deadline to do so.

File format

The terminology used on the file you submit has changed to reflect the language used on our Insights platform. A summary below explains the fields and new terminology. More information on language can be found in the glossary.

**Old Language**New Language
**Field Name**Definition**Required?
PIDCampaign ID - the ID for the Campaign this conversion relates toYes
AIDPublisher ID - the ID assigned to you by OptimiseYes
UIDThe UID for the conversionNo
OrderIDThe OrderID for the conversion. Previously known as TransactionIDYes
ConversionDateThe date the conversion took placeYes
AdvertiserNameThe name of the advertiser for this conversionYes
ConversionValueThe value of the conversionYes in South East Asia. No in India
CampaignNameThe name of the Campaign this conversion relates toNo
ConversionCurrencyThe currency used for the conversionYes
ExpectedCommissionValueThe commission you expect to receiveNo

Checking the status of Conversion Enquiries

Check the status of an enquiry on the Enquiry View page. You can access this in your login via Conversions> Enquiry View.

Use the filters to find enquiries for the date range you're interested in and then view the status in the table. Where a conversion has been rejected by an advertiser you'll also see any notes the advertiser has made to explain the rejection.