Validations and Conversion Enquiries

Validations and Conversion Enquiries

Each month we'll email you to inform you a file is ready to download from File Explorer. This file will list all the conversions from the last month which need to be validated and all conversions about which we've received an enquiry.

This file will be in a CSV format and needs to be completed and re-uploaded via File Explorer. File Explorer offers a secure means of transferring data directly to Opotimise and should be used for any files which hold personal data. You'll find guidance on File Explorer here

You will need to confirm that the details of each conversion match what is held on your own system.

Conversion enquiries are enquiries publishers receive from customers following a conversion. Please provide information to help us resolve these enquiries.

Guidance on processing these files is below. Once complete upload the files again using File Explorer. Choose Validation Response under the type field.

How to validate

How to Answer Conversion Enquiries