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Optimise Payments Process

Note that we invoice advertisers on a monthly basis - see the Conversion Journey article for the full conversion journey, from click to Payment.

Partner Pay

We've rolled Partner Pay out in our South East Asia and Middle East and North Africa regions; it will gradually be implemented across Optimise.

Partner Pay gives you more control over how you receive your commission by letting you draw down payments at your convenience.

Depending on your membership level, Partner Pay will also give you the ability to receive Faster and Express payments. Learn more about our Payment Types

Faster Pay will enable you to receive your payments as soon as they have been validated by the Advertiser and Express Pay will enable you to receive your payments before they have been validated, meaning you get your money up to two months early.

You will be able to see your membership level on your Dashboard along with the full list of benefits for your level. Learn more about our Membership Levels

Partner Pay Withdrawals

Where Partner Pay is available, you may also have the ability to drawdown your payments at your convenience.

You will be able to receive up to two payments per month, subject to a minimum payment threshold.

You can access the Withdrawals page from the main menu or from the Account card on your Dashboard. Withdrawal requests will be paid on the data indicated on the withdrawal screen - please allow 3-5 working days for funds to clear.

Payment Statuses

As a publisher you can get an overview of what you're due to be paid on your dashboard. For more detailed information check the payment status of your conversions on the Billing page. This report aggregates conversions by the payment status - so you will see the number and value of conversions at each status, broken down by campaign.

The statuses are defined below:

1. Awaiting Invoicing - these conversions are yet to be invoiced, this will include anything with a pending status and anything which the advertiser has validated since the last invoicing cycle.
2. Advertiser Invoiced - conversions for which Optimise have sent an invoice to the advertiser but not yet received payment.
3. Next Payment - conversions for which the advertiser has made a payment and payment is due in the next payment run.
4. Payment Sent - payment for the conversions has been made to the publisher .
5. No Commission - No commission due, for example where the conversion has been rejected.

Region specific conversion status

1. Publisher Invoice Due - payment has been received from the advertiser and Optimise are waiting for an invoice from the publisher in order to make payments. NB. This is only used in geographies where publishers are legally required to invoice for any payment - for more information see below.

Note that you can also drill down to a conversion level - click on any of the numbers to open a Conversion Report filtered for the selection.

Optimise payment process

In most Optimise agencies/ regions by agreeing to our T&Cs you are agreeing to our self-billing invoice process. The SBI process reduces the amount of work you need to do and results in quicker payments which is why it is our preferred process.

There are some exceptions according to local accounting laws. Where this is the case it will be highlighted to you in our platform. All payment processes are explained in this article.

Self-billing invoice process

Self-billing invoices (SBI's) detail the commission to be paid to you, broken down by advertiser and then campaign. The amount to be paid and the activity it relates to is dependent on what advertisers have paid us. Where we use SBI's we are able to raise the SBI and make a payment without you needing to invoice us.

We will always process our payment to you in line with these SBI's. Note that the SBI acts as the tax document for the payment.

SBI's are available to view on our platform by selecting Billing and Payments in the navigation. You can also view all the conversions that make up the payment by clicking on the SBI number.

We make payments every two weeks, the exact date will differ from one agency to another, but will be around the dates of the month detailed below.

AgencyFirst payment dateSecond payment date
UK7th of month21st of month
SEA15th of month28th of month
MEA7th of month21st of month
Aus & NZ7th of month21st of month

This process means that you do not need to and should not produce an invoice detailing the commission you require us to pay.

India invoice process

Indian publishers are required to invoice us in order that we can make a payment.

Note that we are unable to make payment without an invoice.

You will receive an email when an invoice is due.

Optimise will make a payment within 30 days of receiving an invoice.

A notification will be sent to the email registered on our platform.