Publisher Tools

Voucher/Coupon Codes

Optimise provides access to merchant approved voucher/coupon codes, discounts and offers. You can find these in your affiliate account under Tools > Voucher Codes


If there are any voucher/coupon codes or offers that are exclusive to your AffiliateID they will automatically appear in your account.

You can access the Voucher Codes via the API Optimise Network API

Data Fields

Data FieldData TypeDescription
VoucherCodeIDIntegerA unique ID for the offer
CodeStringThe voucher/coupon code if applicable
TitleStringTitle for the offer
DescriptionStringDescription of the offer
ActivationDateDateThe date the offer starts
ExpiryDateDateThe date the offer ends
TrackingURLStringA deeplink tracking URL to the offer on the merchant's website
CategoryNameStringNot used
StatusStringThe status of the offer
AddedOnStringThe date the offer was added
MerchantStringThe merchant
ProductStringThe product
TypeStringNot used
DiscountDecimalThe discount % amount

Product Feeds

You can view product feeds for Advertisers under Tools > Product Feeds

Selecting a Feed

Choose a Feed to download from the list. Clicking "View" will download the feed, clicking "Get URL" will display the Feed Download URL.

Product feeds

You can also choose to view the download URL by clicking "Get URL":

Get feed URL

Download URL

The Download URL is constructed as follows:{AID}&FeedID={FeedID}&Format={XML/CSV} Feeds can be downloaded as XML or CSV. You must specify the format. {AID} is your unique AID {FeedID} can be found on the "Download Product Feeds" page in your Affiliate Login.

You can dynamically construct a URL with the FeedId and AID:{AID}&FeedID={FeedID}&Format={XML/CSV}

You can access the Product Feeds via the API Optimise Network API


You can download a product feed in either XML or CSV. Simply change the &Format parameter in your Feed Request URL to the desired format.




You will only be able to download a unique Product Feed once every 6 hours. This is to ensure that all affiliates have equal access to Product Feeds. If you attempt to download the same Product Feed (same FeedID) you will receive a message notifying how long you need to wait.

Data Fields

ParameterData TypeDescription
ProductIDStringOptimise's unique ProductID
ProductSKUStringProduct SKU provided by the Merchant
ProductNameStringProduct Name
ProductDescriptionStringProduct Description - this may contain formatting provided by the Merchant
ProductPriceDecimalProduct Price
ProductPriceCurrencyStringProduct Price Currency as 3 digit ISO standard value. eg. GBP, USD, INR
DiscountedPriceDecimalThe Product Price with any discount applied
WasPriceDecimalThe Previous Price of the product before any discount was applied
ProductURLStringThe Optimise Tracked Deeplink URL
PIDIntegerOptimise Programme ID
MIDIntegerOptimise Merchant ID
ProductSmallImageURLStringURL to small product image
ProductMediumImageURLStringURL to medium product image
ProductLargeImageURLStringURL to large product image
MPNStringManufacturer Part Number
StockAvailabilityStringIndicates whether item is in stock or not. More info
BrandStringBrand associated with product
ColourStringColour of the product
LocationStringLocation of the product such as with a Daily Deal
Custom1StringFree text custom field
Custom2StringFree text custom field
Custom3StringFree text custom field
Custom4StringFree text custom field
Custom5StringFree text custom field
CategoryNameStringCategory Name as supplied by the Merchant
CategoryPathAsStringStringFull Category Path as supplied by the Merchant


The following values will appear in this field:

  • In stock
  • Out of stock
  • Null value – we are not supplied stock information by the merchant for this feed


Datafeedr Wordpress plugin integrates with Optimise Product feeds. More details

You will need a seperate Datafeedr account.


See the dedicated deeplinking guide.

Link Automation

Turbo-charge your Website with instant deeplinks via Link Automation.

Publishers can use this tool to monetize content by easily converting your linkable assets with tracking links automatically.


  • Automatically creates deeplinks for each product mentioned in your content.
  • Increased organic search traffic
  • Increased referral traffic
  • Increased brand exposure and affinity

Getting Started

To get started place the following script in the header of your website. You can also place it in a tag manager such as Google Tag Manager.

The script must appear on all pages of your website where you want to monetise your links.

Replace XXXXX with your AID.

<script type="text/javascript">
OAID=XXXXX;ORef=escape(window.parent.location.href);!function(){var a=document.createElement("script");a.type="text/javascript",a.async=!0,a.src="//"+OAID+"&ref="+ORef;var b=document.getElementsByTagName("body")[0];if(b)b.appendChild(a,b);else{var b=document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];b.parentNode.insertBefore(a,b)}}();


You can test that the Link Automation JavaScript is properly configured on your site by using the Chrome Browser Extension: Optimise Tag Inspector