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Commission Groups


Commission is the amount you pay for an event taking place, for example a click, conversion or install. A Commission Group defines a set of circumstances under which a party is paid and how much they are paid

Commission Groups are part of an automated process used to calculate how much commission should be awarded to a Publisher for an event taking place. eg. A click, conversion/sale, install, lead, registration or other action.

Commission Groups are used to determine what is displayed in the Commission & Cost metrics on the reports in your Dashboard.

A Commission is typically a percentage of the order value or a fixed amount. For example, a $100 might offer 5% commission giving the Publisher a $5 commission. Or a Publisher might be offered a fixed value of $5 per order. For different actions a different structure may be required. Optimise Dashboard enables many different Commission Groups configuration types.

Optimise Insights enables you to create Commission Groups that are optimised around your ROI and KPIs. The more data that is passed via your Conversion Tag will enable greater flexibility in setting Commission Groups. eg. Using Basket Item Tracking enables the setting of different Commission Groups by the category or brand of Item the user has purchased.


Click on the Help Icon icons in the Dashboard to get more detailed guidance on configuring Commission Groups.