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Advertiser FAQs

Before You Start

How do I become an Optimise Advertiser?

Go to and complete your details. We'll be in touch to discuss the options we can offer you.

Getting Started

How do I setup tracking on my website

We recommend reading the Tracking guide. This will give you the range of options available including Integations with 3rd party platforms such as Google Tag Manager, Shopify and more.

Is there a preferred way to track & record sales?

We would always recommend Server2Server Tracking. This is the most robust, accurate the future-proof way to track conversion activity on your site.

Can you help me with the tracking setup?

We recommend reading the Tracking guide first. If you are still stuck then reach out to your Account Manger and our Traffic Team for assistance.

How can I test my tracking is working correctly?

You should follow the Tracking Testing Guide first. If you need to diagnose the integration further you should try the Tracking Debug Tool and Optimise Tag Inspector Extension for Chrome & Edge.


How do I set the Commissions a Publisher/Partner will earn?

In the navigation click on Campaigns > Commission Groups. Follow the guide by clicking on the help icon for full details and examples of how to set a Commission Group.

help icon

How can I provide creative material for Publishers to promote?

There are lots of ways you can assist Publishers with creative assets:

Ads/Banners - these can be uploaded in your Dashboard under Campaigns > Banners/Ads

Product Feeds - add a link to your Product Feed in your Dashboard under Tools > Product Feeds

Voucher/Coupon Codes - you can add new Vouchers, Coupons & Offers in your Dashboard under Campaigns > Vouchers/Offers

How do I add Publishers & Partners to my Campaign?

You can bring Publishers onto your Campaign in the following ways:

Publisher Explorer - Using our Publisher Explorer you can search our directory of Publishers & Partners and invite them to join your Campaign via the Communications Tool

New Publishers - If you want to bring a new Publisher to your Campaign on Optimise Network you can send them a link to join the Network that, when they are approved, will automatically join them onto your Campaigns.

Simply send the new Publisher the following link{MID} replacing {MID} with your own MID/AdvertiserID.

How can I send a message or email to my Publishers?

Using the Communications Tool you can send a message to one or more Publishers.


How do I confirm & validate my sales/conversions?

There are a few ways to do this:

Validation File - At the start of each month we will send you a link to download a Validation File from your Dashboard containing all of the Conversions for the previous month. Follow the guidance on Validations Guide and upload the file as a "Validation Response" into File Explorer.

Manual - You can validate each line one by one on the Dashboard by clicking on Validations > Manual

API - Use the API to programmatically change the Validation Status of a Conversion using the Update Conversions method.

What are the different conversion statuses?

We've reduced the number of statuses we use to make things simpler. Conversions now have three statuses.

  • Pending – this is the initial status, pending conversions have not yet been validated or rejected. These are indicated with a yellow symbol in our reporting.
  • Validated – these conversions have been confirmed and they will be invoiced for the commission. These are indicated with a green symbol in our reporting.
  • Rejected - these have been rejected and commission will not be paid. These are indicated with a red symbol in our reporting. You should always include a Rejection Reason when rejecting a Conversion.


How do I access my reports/statistics?

Publisher dashboards contain a range of summary reports but more detailed reports are available. To access further reporting select Reports > All Reports from the navigation menu on the left of the page. We provide various views including Over Time, Conversions and Advertiser reports. We also provide lower level reporting, including item level data on individual conversions within the Conversion Report.

All reports can be modified using the Modify Report option and custom reports can be created and saved by users by selecting Add new report on the top right of the All Reports screen.

Reports can be scheduled to be emailed to you or your colleagues on a regular basis and any can be favourited so that they appear at the top of the page. Use the filter to see reports by category.


What levels of security are employed?

We employ 256-bit encryption for all communication between you and our servers.

You can also enable Multi-factor authentication to secure your account.