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Getting Started


This guide assumes that you have completed Tracking Setup.

Welcome to Optimise

This guide provides a short overview of the some of the key features of Optimise Insights Dashboard and the tools you'll be using to run your campaigns.

First Steps

  1. Configure MFA - we strongly recommend setting up Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) on your account as soon as possible.
  2. Add a logo to your account under Company Details - use the Manage option to update your logo. This helps publishers recognise your brand on their dashboard.
  3. Payments - if you're paying by credit card, be sure to complete the details under Billing > Payment Methods.
  4. Configure a Commission - determine what you are going to pay Publishers for delivering a successful action to your site. The most common action is a completed Sale (Conversion), Lead or Registration. Go here for more information on Commission Groups.
  5. Select a Validation method - learn more

Throughout Insights you’ll see Help Icon icons. Click these to view help specific to the page or card you’re viewing. You'll also find detailed guides on Commission Groups and Validations right here in the Knowledgebase.

Dashboard & Reporting

The Dashboard is your go to place to get an overview of how your campaigns are performing week on week against key measures. You'll also get to see your top performing publishers, performance by channel and vertical and a 30 day forecast of your activity.

Go here for a detailed guide on Reporting.

Finding Publishers

Adding Publishers to your Campaign is one of the first tasks you'll want to undertake. Take a look at the Publisher Explorer to search our Network of Publishers and invite them onto your Campaign.

Working with Publishers provides an explanation of the different types of Publishers/Partners you will want to recruit onto your campaign.

Approving Publishers

When a Publisher applies to join your Campaign you will need to review their application and decide whether they are suitable.

Select Campaigns > Applications from the Menu to get started. From here you can review the application, check the Publisher's profile and Accept/Reject the Publisher.

Adding Content for Publishers

You'll need to add content that Publishers can use to promote your campaigns. This can include:

  1. Banners & Ads - graphics that convey brand messages
  2. Editorial - short text snippets about your company or active promotions
  3. Deeplinks - specific pages on your site you want a Publisher to promote
  4. Vouchers/Coupons - any vouchers or coupons that Voucher or Social Media Publishers can promote
  5. Product Feeds - add a product data feed for Price Comparison Publishers


Once you start receiving Conversions (sales from your website), you will need to select a method to approve/reject those Conversions as to whether a Publisher should receive a Commission:

  1. Validation File - At the start of each month we will send you a link to download a Validation File from your Dashboard containing all of the Conversions for the previous month. Follow the guidance on Validations Guide and upload the file as a "Validation Response" into File Explorer.
  2. Manual - You can validate each line one by one on the Dashboard by clicking on Validations > Manual
  3. API - Use the API to programmatically change the Validation Status of a Conversion using the Update Conversions method.
  4. Shopify App - If you are using our Shopify App then we will automatically process any Refunds or cancellations from your Shopify Orders within your Validation Window (typically 30 days).